Monday, August 22, 2011

Keep your eyes open

Hello dear people! I'm in a very high mode now! For hell knows reason! Perhaps I'm high from the buffet that I have just eaten. Yups, eaten buffet again. :X

Sun: 21/08

Had a cousin gathering in the afternoon at Qiao's new place. I actually rushed home straight after tuition to bake some muffins for them! :D Hehe!

Milo chocolate rice muffins

My first time baking muffin yo~  Not very satisfied though. :( Its the toaster fault, had some uneven baking. :<   Who want to buy me an oven?! heh heh heh.. 

Mango agar-agar

Also prepared some agar agar the night before. ^^ People buy ur agar agar powder from 'happy grass'! 
Very delicious pls! :D

15mins to prepare, 20 mins to bake! Really simple for beginners! :)

Was quite anxious for their response for my muffins! :X 

Guess what? I had some positive responses! *phew*

My uncle keep doubting that I ACTUALLY BAKED THE MUFFINS! 

My cousin thought I used pre-mixed flour! HELLO I PREPARED THEM FROM ZERO TO HERO! lol! 

So glad the muffins turned out good! If not damn paiseh! :P

Oh! Can you believe my cousin don't know what is 'agar-agar' LOL! 

The 2 guys setting up the fire!

Trying to fix the gigantic umbrella! Cox the sun was really UNBEARABLE!!! 

Awesome rooftop swimming pool! Like really mini MBS right?! 

Bro eye-powering.. Like sister like brother. LOl!

So nice right~

My eyes are on the hotdogs, crabsticks and otah!!! :D

Pretty scene right!!

Playing in the pool~

We made a deal not to wet anyone. But promises are meant to be broken. Once one clown started splashing water and the other seeks revenge. That's it I tell you. The war starts. =.= 

A great night out with my dear cousin! Though not everyone was there. :X Initially was suppose to have like 15 of us, in the end only 8 turned up. But there were 15 ppl worth of food pls! So we had to eat from 5pm to 11pm just to clear the food! OH MY GOD RIGHT?! 

I was so high on sugar pls! Actually ate 3/4 of the marshmallows alone! Aside the many hotdogs, crabsticks, sweet potatoes and otahs that I had! :X Stomach was damn damn damn FULL! D: 

Almost played 'zhong ji min ma' just to clear the food! Heng ar! If not I think I'll just transformed into 'pink merlion'! LOL! 



Cousin gathering is never complete w/o some htht session. <3 

My parents almost bought an apartment at 813 too! Imagine I could be neighbour with qiao and even meiling! The thought simply excites me! Oh well, it wont happen. :< The condo is kinda small to fit the 4 of us. :( 

Anyway this condo that you are seeing actually belongs to my bloody rich uncle. Yes the whole building belongs to him plus many many of the other condos at that area. You see, the rich actually gets richer while the poor people like us (ok, me) gets poorer. :( 


Mon: 22/08

5hrs of sleep, woke up feeling really sucky! :< Body refuses to slp. Sigh.. so what if I have a lot of free day? My body refuses to rest. T.T

Mini family day today, except poor daddy has to work, can't join us. D:

Went Bugis first! We actually went to this Goddess of Mercy temple behind Bugis street first. Mummy actually helped me to 'ask' for marriage. LOL! I think it's pretty accurate! I was quite shocked when I 'hear' HER reply. LOL! 

Then shopped at Bugis street. I DID NOT BUY ANYTHING! Cox I'm buying so much from G Market that Bugis street looks so uninteresting! :X

Then went to Toa Payoh for my long-waited Swatow Buffet again! :D

Actually today is a bad day for buffet. Cox I ate so much last night that I didnt feel hungry at all the whole day

And somehow the food was as appetizing as the 1st visit. :( 

Always the case right? The 1st visit will always like taste the best! 

Guess I wont be going back anymore, at least not so soon bah. :X

Abalone salad, the must have! This time round no more paula or ervin to let me have their share! LOL!

Congee is still good too! 

Had 5 of these awesome-ness!

3 char siew pau! :D

No red bean pau today. :( *heart broken*

Fried durian! Not in a very big appetite mood today for it though. :/ Anyway they only had these 3 also. :/

This came when we were bloated! We asked for a normal pork pau, but this was the size served to us!!!

The size of my face pls!!


Never eat much really. :/ Too full to eat :X 


1 congee

1 abalone

1 sharkfin

3 xlb

3 chee cheong fun

2 char siew pasties

3 char siew pau

5 custard pau

2 pork pau

1 siew mai

1 har gou

2 yam cake

1 beancurd roll

2 redbean pancake

5 desserts

1 egg tarts

1 fried durian

6 other fried items

total: 42 items. 

Really little what what my blackhole stomach can take. :X 

Thought I will eat the least among the 3 of us, in the end bro and mummy eat even lesser! They didn't like the dim sum. :( 

So quite a failed attempt to eat the place down. 


Brother wanted popeyes. 

Each-a-box! :D


Ok, anyway Ally just reminded me that school HAS reopened AND it is already the 3rd week into the term! OMG! 3RD WEEK?! But I've only gone to school for 2 days leh!!!!!! 

I had that sudden panic attack. Cox I feel too slack. 

I think this slack timetable is kinda a double edged sword. It could kill my CAP seriously if I continue this holiday mood. :/ 


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  1. HAHAHAHA the unknown marshmallow guy is leon lee! LOL. yes I've also been living in holiday mood omg. my sem 1 cap always cui one cos the effect of the 3 month holiday takes a long time to wear down.... T^T