Saturday, August 20, 2011

My mother has to be the slackest homemaker.

I believe everyone should be quite familiar with the facebook event 'Cook and Share A Pot of Curry !' 

So need not me to explain more. HAHA! Yea, so I participated yesterday! Slightly earlier than the event date though, cox I wouldn't be free on Sunday to cook. :X Oh well, anyway I cooked the curry more because I was craving for it than for the event. Hehe! :D

Indian Chicken Curry

I hesitated about posting the curry at first, cox it was damn MESSY! :X Forgive me alright? :P 

Anyway, I used a recipe that serves 4 with 600g of chicken and 200g of potatoes. BUT! My curry had 2kg of chicken and 1kg of potatoes to serve 4 too! :P 

How more gluttony can we get? "X 

French baguette 

Decided to bake some breads to go with the curry instead of the usual rice! French baguette is of cox the best choice! :D Got a really good recipe online that mixed bread and cake flours together instead of the usual bread flour only recipe. 

The result was really good! Hard outer but really soft inner! :D I think it is the result of the cake flour! :D This shall be my new way to bake bread~ wheeeeeeeeee~ 

Stir fried vegetables with cellophane noodles 

Just in case the 3kg worth of curry chicken is not enough to feed the family. LOL! 

Homemade chicken curry and french baguette instagram)

Instant burst of happiness to have the bread soaked with curry. :') 

Actually I'm more satisfied with the baguettes than the curry! Hehe! Daddy thought we bought them outside! :P

Cox of the good response I get from the baguettes, my hands itched to bake again today! HAHA! 

Coffee bun! ^^  (Taken with instagram)

Coffee buns

Taken with instagram

4 different flavours made - oatmeal, kosong, chocolate rice and white sesame seeds

Decided on coffee buns since my whole family (other than me) are coffee addicts! The buns weren't pretty :( The coffee aroma filled the house, which basically made my family damn HIGH! LOL! 

I'm not a coffee fan. :( The buns tasted bitter to me, while the family happily enjoyed them. :( 

Maybe I'll try baking some green tea flavour buns next time? :P

Anyway, for the past few week, the family have been eating some formed of stewed chicken almost every few days. LOL! Becox Lirong aka the chef fell in love with making chicken stew. :P 

Type 1: Chicken stew with mushrooms and potatoes

Type 2: Chicken stew with mushrooms, black fungi and chilli (spicy type)

I've also tried the chicken with potatoes, carrots and many other combinations. Apparently I think potatoes and mushrooms go best with chicken stew! ^^ 

Haha! I was joking to mummy the other day that I'm more of a homemaker than her! You know while I was busy in the kitchen, guess what my mom was doing? 

She was watching some Taiwanese drama with her legs on the coffee table and eating the nicely cut fruits that I chopped for her.


I feel like her maid then. 


Quite funny eh? The mother doesn't like to cook but the daughter loves to have her hands on flour and everything else. Oh! and I sweep and mop the floor for her too! 

Lirong the part time homemaker. :P

Drunken to Love You

I highly recommend this drama! Like really funny! I'm never a fan of Rainie Yang, but I see a different light in her from this drama. She actually improved a lot! I feel like I've just witnessed a girl transformed into a woman. LOL!

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