Sunday, August 28, 2011

So difficult to say goodbye

Hi there people! Back for a little update before you people abandon my little space. LOL!

Fri, 26/08

Cousin Jeff gonna fly over to England soon for his degree, so we had a little pre-departure gathering before he flies off! 

Had dinner at yishun first! The planned was actually to meet at 6pm, but by the time everyone arrived it was like 730pm? LOL! That's why we should always have buffer time! HAHAHAHA! 

Qiao drove us down to Yishun for dinner together! ^^ 

Love my pretty cousin! <3 

Over at the dining place!  興化美食

It's actually a Tze Char place too, but they specialized in food from 'Xin Hua' which is always a place in Pu Tian.

My 3rd visit to this place! Kinda like a cheaper version of the 'Pu Tian' that we see around. 

Ordered like 8 dishes (all huge portions) for the 9 of us. All wipe out too! Not that the food was especially yummy, more that we were super hungry! :P

Verdict: The food used to be much better in the past. :( But still worth a try for ppl who wanna try 'Xin Hua' signtures! :) 

Next stop! 

After dinner exercise : BOWLING! 

Jeff suggested a competition among the 12 of us (Stacy, Johnathan and Alvin joined us after dinner). I thought he was joking! COX I'M DAMN BAD IN BOWLING! D: 

In the end he was like damn serious. :(

We had 3 games. 

1st: pre-selection round to select the top 3 players

The top players get to choose their teammates! 

So here we go!

Team A: Star player ALVIN!

Team B

Team C

So the next 2 rounds were a competition between the teams to see which scored the highest! 

I was so stress la! COX I'M THE 'LAO SU SHI!' LOL! 

I washed 'long kang' only! :P

Only the last round, I finally make some tiny improvement! heh heh heh! STRIKE LEH! Plus minimal 'long kang' LOL! 

For that we won the last round! hehe! (Y)


Played till 11pm? My right arm was like aching hell! :X 

Ended the night with a race between Jeff and Qiao. 

Gonna miss this kind of gathering.. :'( 

Sat, 27/08

Another long day~ Had Yasu's 21st party in the afternoon followed by Dnd at night. Dnd always like to clash with my frd's 21st party! DISLIKE TO THE MAX!!! 

So met with the rest Pasir Ris Mrt first before heading to Coasta Sands Downtown East together. 

Sheryl 'gou liao'! Still purposely touch the hair to act SEXY! LOl!

The guests refusing to come down for food. LOL

They prefer their soccer match and the bed. >.<

Didn't manage to stay for her to cut cake.  NO CAKE TO EAT! BOO! LOL! 

Had to rush down home with Hidaya and Juyin to change for DND! 

The girls coming to my house again! Don't know for how many times already! HAHA! 

Thank you Qiao for the pretty dress! ^^

Changed + make up done in less than half an hr! POWER!

Ok, I didn't have my camera with me, too freaking BIG! 


But here are some photos for other ppl's camera~

Went with HO-OH!

Like this photo lots! like damn funny! BUT JUYIN SUPER FAIL PLS! haha!

Ok la, go facebook and see for yourself k! I'm lazy to copy and paste! heh heh.. :P

Realised I changed a lot compared to last yr's dnd. Besides shrinking in size, I CAN FINALLY DO MAKEUP!

Rmb last year, I don't even own a single make up k! Even have to leach on Juyin's BB cream and needed Huizhen to help me with the eyeliner! LOL! 

Really glad I went to DND this year! Only decided to go on thurs can! :X 

Anyway I realised, Ho-oh is the only table that went their with no 'purpose' 

Like there were comm tables, old birds, guests and ppl who came to support the pageant contestants. But Ho-oh came to... accompany lonely SIHAO!


Nvm.. we had fun among ourselves and seeing pretty people! hehe! 

DND is really the best way to end this FOP season!

and so.. GOODBYE FOP'11, probably my last fop too.. :')

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