Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm not myself anymore

Let the photos do the talking. :)

18/09: Kaikee's 21st party:

Another friend turned 21st~ 

Stamford Catering again! LOL! It's really GOOD! 

Sebas, Chuan de, Hidaya and I were like spamming the food. :X

Birthday girl! SO PRETTY! 

Why like everyone will become prettier on their 21st? LOL! 

NUS gang! 

Really love her cake! So pretty right?! 
Top layer was vanilla lychee martini. Bottom was chocolate. 
Personally like the choco best! :D 

Sebas was like the celebrity of the day! Everyone wanted to take a photo with him! haha! 

Camwhore with the girls. <3 

Love polaroid! :D 

It's like a trend that everyone's 21st wishlist will have a polaroid. LOL! 

19/09: Sojubang korean bbq buffet:

Hello to my once every 2 weeks buffet affair. I think this is no.15 buffet of the year. :X 

Located at somewhere near novena and the buffet was dirt cheap? $12 for unlimited share of meat! awesome right? :D

What I like most about korean culture, filling the table with ntg but FOOD! ^^

Wrap everything I can find together


Throw into the food at one go!

That was really glam of Juyin! 

Group photo to end the session~ 


I thought I wouldn't like the buffet cox lirong is not very carnivore. BUT! I like it!!! Thinking that the meat would be very fatty and oily blah~ But it was ok leh! Basically the fats had already melted under the heat, so I don't find it greasy at all. Esp, eaten with the lettuce. Love the beef the most! :D And I enjoy wrapping the food together and throw it inside my mouth at one shot! SO FUN! But really unglam~ HAHAHAHA! 

I don't mind going back~ ^^

Went Square 2 for drink and dessert then headed to Plaza Sing for more desserts @ secret recipe ~ 

Chocolate blueberry cheesecake

Chocolate cake!

Love the chocolate cake more! :D

Wish everyday could be like still~ Hais.. I dont want to memorise what bilirubindigurcuronide~ Seriously what the hell is that right?! D: 

I'm going to say sth and I think a lot of ppl gonna hate me for this. 

I lost weight. :( 
I'm very stress about this. Really very stress~ Craps la! You tell me how?
 I don't want to lose anymore weight le! I feel so upset whenever I look into the mirror or whenever my parents hold my waist and sigh.. I feel their heartaches and they are really doing all their very best to make me rounder. Like cooking my fav dishes and feeding me with herbs and more herbs. 

I mean ppl may think like 'wow you eat so much yet you r not gaining weight! so good~' Ya, I agree it's really very blessed IF you are at a healthy weight range. I'm obviously not. And I really feel very stress~~~~~ I think I stressed up easily. :'(  

It's really very unhealthy for my body. Hais.. Too fat not good, too skinny also bad~ How do I find the balance? My period is damn screwed up becox of this. Sigh.. I mean like if I'm skinny and it doesn't affect my body then I wouldn't be bothered la, but no. 
You get it? Maybe not.. Ok, ignore me.. 


Anyway iphone friends! You should download this photo app call 'camera360'! DAMN NICE! :D
Have been camwhoring with it! Heh heh heh.. 

K bye~ Hopefully I manage to do some mugging later. :( 

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