Sunday, September 25, 2011


Hello people! :D I'm having gastroenteritis. Wth? Lol! It's stomach flu. :( But much better now. (Y)

I have been having diarrhea since last thurs after eating curry vege and things got worse after the korean bbq and even worse with more ice creams. 

Yes my stomach is damn irritating. :( 

Had diarrhea EVERY SINGLE MORNING for more than a week. :( Feel like my whole body shrink everytime I stepped out of the bathroom. :O Poor family have to bare with all my EXTREMELY SMELLY farts. 


Ok, enough! Too much information! HAHA! 

Anyway hopefully no more diarrhea as my morning call for tml plssssss!!! 

Still went tuition today despite my bad stomach :/ Luckily the medicine did work for me. *phew*

So today's plan was actually to fly kite at marina barrage with cousins <3 BUT! We kinda forget that it's F1 weekend, definitely unwise to head over to squeeze with the crowd. :X 


Went car shopping with parents~ 

Not intending to buy just 'window shopping' wanna check out the market price! :) Daddy say he gonna buy a 2nd hand car for me so that even if i damage the car also wont be that heartache. LOL! Quite true! HAHA! 

Any working not so cui car i'll be content. (Y)

To my surprise some 2nd hand cars are like super new! HAPPY! We saw quite a few that are not bad.

 So we nailed down to either:

1. Toyota Corolla Altis
2. Toyota Vios
3. Toyota Yaris
4. Honda Fits

I personally like the toyota yaris best! Cox i like hatchback cars! And it's really pretty! The previous owner actually sprayed the car with disney princess design!!! *think of hidaya* LOL! really pretty~~~~ and it's super brand new! 

But mummy likes the Toyota altis best. :( Ok la, that car is more mature?  LOL! Different taste~ She liked it to that extend that she told papa to but it like now. =.= 

M: Nvm la, very nice leh! Later ppl buy away! you buy first la! You can drive first!
D: -.- crazy! You think buy vegetable isit? How many cars you wan me to drive?


I didn't know my mummy can be so 'implusive' too. HAHA! 

Really very excited to see the cars la~ If only I didn't made that stupid FTT mistake I could have passed and bought the car today!


Very nervous~ Really hope I'll pass with one attempt! PLS PLS! Pray for me? :P 

Anyway, I think I'm scare to drive! :/ I suddenly got cold feet when I started the engine to test drive the car. :/ I think after I typed that no one dare to be my passengers! LOL! 

Aiya, passed the test first pls~~~ 
 My mummy like damn eager for me to pass the test, pressurizing me! :<

Yupyups, so this is our car shopping trip. Learned quite a bit about cars today especially how expensive it is to own a car in Singapore! Like 10K a year! omg right? 

The salesman said I'm a very lucky girl. I couldn't agree more. :') 


On the way home was thinking of what to have for dinner and buffet came into our minds! LOL!

Craving for BBQ, steamboat buffet!!! A homemade one! 


Felt like it was CNY! But we controlled, didn't prepare too much. Just enough for us to finish! :)

Taken with instagram

The 'wu hua rou' really damn nice!!! 

Taken with instagram

We ate more BBQ than the steamboat, cox the steamboat a bit fail. Forever wont boil~ So we just bbq-ed whatever we could. LOL! 

Mummy was like, you better don't diarrhea again tml eh! 


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