Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fantastic mood

I'm feeling so HIGH and RELAX now! :D Nothing big, but becox I just finished 2 reports! Like a serious elephant huge deal to me!!!! HAHA! :D

More great news to share:

1. Circle line isn't a big new now but I totally worship circle line! Haha! My traveling time cut like at least 20mins? You tell me how not to love circle line right? Totally my saviour. LOL! Though the whole week, I've only travelled twice on it. Too pampering timetable of mine yo~

2. Scored A+ for both pharmaco and immuno CA! (Y) hasn't gotten back cardio, but I know I will die for that. :/

3. Updated to iOS5 and totally loving all the new features! So all the initial screwed up are all forgiven. :)

4. I learned what is a 'turnitin'. The friends were all laughing at me when I asked if it is the same as the assignment workbin. :(  I BET YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS THAT TOO RIGHT RIGHT??! Lol! For that moment, I really feel like a techno idiot. *emo*

On a side note, it's freaking week 10 now!!!!! 

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