Saturday, October 15, 2011

My awesome brother

Awesome is not enough to describe this brother of mine. 

A few mornings back, I woke up to some delicious smell coming from the kitchen. 

What I call a breakfast filled with love. 

My brother made this for me, cox I rmbed randomly whining to him about my sudden crave for french toast. 

I happily finished the whole plate though the meal was so greased. This boy accidently poured in too much oil =.= 

Mum was so jealous when I told her that. She was like 'why you never treat me even half as good as how you  treat your sis?'


Seriously, my mother gets jealous easily. *shhhhhh* :P 

Ok, so 2 days back I was grumbling to my brother (again) about how sucky 'koufu' and 'kopitiam' are cox they don't have any good chicken rice when I have craving for it! 

Then this boy said NYP actually have a very nice chicken rice stall and offers to buy me! 

The-best-brother-on-earth travelled all the way to school to buy us lunch. Not like he drives on anything, he took public transport. 

How not to be touched right? 

Yes! The chicken rice was really brilliant!!! :D 

Brother added more rice and meat for me that's why the pack is so filled! :X 

So anyways, I just had lunch, prepared by my very awesome brother! 

Yummy fried rice! (Y) (Taken with instagram)

Many probably knows that I do not take plain white rice AT ALL! But I love it when it is fried. LOL!

Super yummy fried rice! Really very presentable! I never can fried such a plate. :X So it's quite amazing that the cooking gene runs in my whole family yo~ 

Anyways, this time round I did not grumble/whine to him la, he simply sensed my fried-rice craving. HAHAHAHAHA!

So you see.. isn't my brother marvelous?

Although, brother's being real sweet these days, I still rejected his suggestion of us waking up at 4am to run to Punggol Jetty to catch the sun rise. Sorry dude, you have to try harder than this! :P


Really love my brother though sometimes he really pisses me off real bad, but that's what family is like right? We fight, we argue, we shout at each other (actually only I shouts at him :X) but ntg gonna break this bond between us. 

I thank god for giving me such a beautiful family who treats me like a princess always. 

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