Tuesday, October 18, 2011

They call me weird

The other day while having my dinner, I let out a loud sigh.

 Mummy was like: Why? Not nice eh dinner
Me: No.. I'm having a dilemma.. :(
Mummy: What thing?
Me: I couldn't decide pumpkin congee or hokkien mee should be my favourite homemade food. :/
Mummy: *ignore me* 


You feel my pain not?! 

It's like asking me to choose between Chuck Bass and Jang Kuen Suk. :/ 

Oh wells.... 

We have pumpkin congee once a week AT LEAST! Cox I demand for it! HAHA! 

This simple thing is shared between mummy and I cox the father and brother apparently have no love for pumpkin. What a pity to him. LOL! 

Btw, I love this photo! I got so high when I saw this! :P I think it looks like some mystery pot cooked by some witch eh? Totally suit the Halloween theme too (pumpkin)! HAHA! If only our claypot is black. LOL! *self-entertaining*

I can easily swept out 4 bowls of these with ease, 5 sometimes. :/

It's no wonder my skin is so yellow! But it's fine. I'll deal with it. My love for pumpkin is way more than the appearance. :P

I also demand the home-style hokkien mee to be made once a week too! 

What? I'm kinda a demanding person? I don't deny. :X 

My family don't fond this as crazy as me. But they always go with my wish. :P 

For that crazy huge thing, each person have to eat at least 3 large plates to finish.

See this is the reason why visitors always get shocked when they come over my place when we are having dinner. 

'OMG, your cook so much for a family of 4?!' 


Ok, so how pumpkin congee or hokkien mee? 

The family calls me a weirdo, they just don't understand why I love this kinda of 'inferior' food. I bet you don't understand too, cox I myself don't. I'll ask my taste-bud when I bother. :> 

Yups, I'm weird and I happily accepts that cox nature don't favour the norms. 

PS: you know what, today's my date with hokkien mee. *jump up and down* CAN'T WAIT~
Bye! Dinner awaits!

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