Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Mummy part I


We just finished our birthday-song-singing-session~ and feeding on the cake now! :D

The rocher chocolate cake for mummy! :) (Taken with instagram)

Rocher flourless chocolate cake

This cake is by far the most expensive cake I've baked! The rocher, the cocoa flour and the baking chocolate. :X

But it was totally worth it! :)

Yups, so this cake was intended to be a surprise for mummy! Cox I told her today I have a CA so prolly dont have the time to bake for her. 

I didn't lie! I really had CA! Haha!

Can see that mummy was really kinda disappointed? No cake! :( But she was like it's ok, focus on your CA! So mummy right? Always children before self. :')

So anyway I rushed home right from sch and started baking!!! I only have 1.5hrs time before mummy reaches home! Couldn't make it in the end. :(

So I bar her from the kitchen! LOL!

Can see that mummy was really HAPPY when she sees me baking in the kitchen! Though I didn't let her see what cake it is. At least still can keep the type of cake as a surprise! :D

Me: mummy are you happy? Mum: of cox! I’m so filled with love! :’)  (Taken with instagram)

Look nice right? :D

Super moist! :) Ingredient was pure chocolates and ntg else! Was quite worried when I did the chocolate fudge. *phew* luckily I didn't screw up! 

Mummy was really super touched! I love it! Love the moment when we were singing song for her, she had that smile, that smile that says 'I'm the happiest woman in the world' 

So sad it wasn't something that I could capture down on camera. :( 

Taken with instagram

From my memory, I have never seen my mum being so happy when she sees her birthday cake. It worth all the time to bake birthday cakes for the family. :') 

So who gonna bake birthday cake for me?! 


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