Thursday, October 6, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

Hello! I'm back! Haha! Totally marks my last CA for the year! :) 

Finally can breathe a little and update the blog. (Y)

02/10: Sun

Remember the other day I talked about bro giving us a fright cox he went for a 2.5hrs run? Yups, he ran all the way from Fernvale to Punggol Jetty, which is like Punggol West if not wrong. So this crazy boy actually asked me to explore the place with him again! 

I was like NO!

Hello?! You expected Lirong to run for 2.5hrs?! Thank you but no thanks! 

So he suggested riding the bike instead. 

Still reluctant, cox the weather was hot (Lirong will melt under the sun and I have 2 CA to prepare), but I agreed. Brother rarely have this kinda of excitement to explore. How can I disappoint him right? :/ (sacrificed my skin)


So here we go~~~ 

So glad I went! Seriously! It was narnia to me! :)

After passing through this and it's like a whole new dimension! 

Taken with instagram

Taken with instagram

Taken with instagram


Really pretty!! The photos don't do the place justice! You really have to be there to feel the serene :)

The place was like so quiet, so peaceful. It's like you are in other world! Away from the noise and human traffic! Really like the the place a lot! :)

Anyway, I calculated the distance. Guess it? It was a ~22km to and fro! That means my brother actually ran that much that day?! 


So proud of the boy!!!! 

Chilled to enjoy the scenery at the jetty before heading back. 

So as we were cycling back, bro said he there is another route ahead and asked if I wanna explore? 

Fine, since we are already out. LET'S GO!!! 

It was really a mistake! It was a never ending route! =.= 

The park like freaking big!! We cycled an hour and still hasn't reach the end!!! 

In the end we had to U-turn and head back cox the sky was turning dark. :(

Bro and I swear to go back and finish the whole park!!!!! 



So we cycled like 3hours that day. :X 

Super hungry when we got home!!!! Great that we were in time for dinner! :D

Daddy's the chef of the day! :)

5 dishes are equally huge portions. :X

1. Shark fish soup (shark fish meat and fins! :P)
2. Fried fish
3. Vege
4. Vege
5. Braised pork knuckles!  <3 (BEST!!!)

No problem in finishing cox I was famished! 

After dinner head out with family~ Didn't buy anything except brother. He got a new phone! Not Iphone though. This boy is funny! Daddy wanted to buy me an iphone but he rejected! He said he prefer android. Oh well, whatever suits him. :/ 

So there goes the sunday~ No work done but pretty satisfying day with family! :)


Ok, so ntg big actually happened to me these few days, except for me trying hard to swallow in all the overflowing notes~ 


Glad everything is over le! :D 


4 webcasts and 6 reports await! 

Anyways, I think by now the World should be aware of the passed on of Steve Jobs . It's really a pity for us to lose such a wonderful talent! Seriously I only got to know how brilliant is he recently. 

Anyway, his death has reminded me of our constant battle to fight cancer and this brings me back to my love and passion for the immunology field again. 

Ok, I shall stop being a geek! 



Shall span you with some home-made food! 

heh heh.. 

To feed a family of four. LOL!  (Taken with instagram)

Forever craving for the home-style hokkien mee! 

I can eat 4 plates at one go!! :P

Gigantic pork ribs!!! :D (Taken with instagram)

Pork ribs with lotus root soup!

I love lotus root!!! Anw the pok ribs is like HUGE! Much much bigger than my hand! :X

Curry fish head (Taken with instagram)

Taken with instagram

Taken with instagram

Curry fish head!

I prefer the curry of curry fish head than curry chicken. Think cox it's more spicy. Me like spice~ :P

Fried rice with bak kwa and corn! :D (Taken with instagram)

Fried rice with Bak Kwa and corn

A very simple but totally yummy rice! Love the fragment bak kwa and the sweetness of corn! Prefect match! :) 

Pumpkin congee, which I did not snap any photo cox I can't wait to swallow them all into my black hole stomach. 


How to attain a black hole stomach? Just eat and eat! The stomach will enlarge! Really! I don't eat this much until I started buffeting like mad! :P


Birthday woman and her longevity noodles! ^^ (Taken with instagram)

Taken with instagram

Made her longevity noodles for dinner. :)

A belief that one must have eggs and longevity noodles (mee sua) on their birthday for a good prospect! 

Ok, bye~ Gonna sing birthday song soon!


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