Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Mummy part II


Yes, yet another food post. LOL!

The no. 16th buffet of the year! :X

Wanted to go back VIENNA at first, cox the food was really very memorable! But after catching 'BUFFET BUFFET! 2' We changed our mind! Looks good on the show~

So immediately call the reserve! AND THE LINE WAS FREAKING BUSY!


So here we are!! At Raffles City btw...

Very cheap compared to Vienna. LOL.

Brother's treat! Hehe.. About $33.90 per pax after all the what nots.

Buffet starts at 1130 and we reached around 1115, this was what we saw...

wth right?!

The queue got longer as it gets nearer to 1130. Really the power of media!!! By 2pm, the queue was still LONG when buffet end at 330pm. Ok, I don't think ppl eat 3hrs like us. :/

Lots of seafood!

Chilled Prawns, Mussels, Big and Juicy Freshly Shucked Oysters, ½ Shell Scallop, White Clam, Baby Lobster, Flower Crab, Crayfish.

Seafood is always the first thing we consider when we go for buffet, cox mum is totally a LOVER for it! She basically eats ntg else more than seafood! 

And can you believe how HUGE the crabs are? OMG RIGHT?!

Salad was so-so and very limited. The pickles were not good though..

Grilled meats

 Beef Sirloin, Sizzling Marinated Pork Chop, Roasted Lamb Leg, Ham and Sotong.

Ntg very tasty.. 

In fact we like the vege more! Don't know what is that but very nice with the oyster mushroom too! :D


 Satay, Grilled Pineapple & Banana,  Grilled Mackerel and Juicy Meats

Another so-so ones also.. though brother had a lot of of their meats here! He claimed they were nice though.. 

Associated sashimi and sushi

 Ebi, Salmon, Tuna, Octopus, Snapper, Kingfish, Swordfish, Sea Bream, Golden Pomfret and assocaited maki

Most disappointed with their sushi.. CMI to the max! Make me really crave for some good sushi!!! LOL!


really limited and runs out very quick!

They have a whole row of local delights!!

I'm always someone who will try everything in a buffet spread. So when I came back with this plate, dad was like.. :O


I think they got more than 10 different types of local food like, fried rice, bee hoon, kway teow, carrot cake, braised pork knuckles, veges, spicy fish fillet, fried tofu, some seafood, pork and 3 cup chicken... can't rmb liao.. LOL!

Quite disappointed, no dium sum. :(

Anw... BU HAO CHI! :P


Quite interesting that they have this DIY pasta thing, we take whatever ingredients, choice of pasta and sauce, then the chef will cook it for you!

My version! I chose olive oil.

Very plain :P Anw, the chef over at the pasta was so RUDE! :( Even my bro feels so too! :<

But one thing I definitely love, like FINALLY is the pizza~~~

They just spam the CHEESE on all! But it's good! Cheese are gd! ;D ;D ;D Had like 6 pieces? But all same sizes of cox!

Interesting curries and stews station

There were jap curry, lamb curry, beef stew and fish stew. Only the Jap curry was good!

Like a hawker stall right? haha!

They have laksa (lack of fragment), chicken rice (no taste again), herbal soup (good at last) and rojak (not bad!)

Dad was like, you really treating your stomach as dustbin hor? LOL!

Finally moving on to the dessert and fruits part! Which I think is the best among all!!

DIY ice kachang!

I got mum's permission to have ices! Though she kept shaking her head when she sees how big the bowl is! LOL! In the end she shared with me. HAHA!


Wide variety though main base was jap cheesecake. BUT JAP CHEESECAKES ARE GOOD! Very light!

They looked very simple and pretty normal? But they are the best cakes I've ever had from buffets!

I think cakes alone I had 4 plates.

I miss them. :'(


Finally don't need to look at brother having his shares le. :')


I'm ice cream deprived totally!

Didn't expect them to have crepes and waffles! AND WERE REALLY GOOD TOO! They made it right on the spot for you!

3 waffles and 2 cepes with N scoops of ice creams to end my feasting..

Weird brother totally refuse any crepes or waffles. He likes his ice creams as ice cream.. LOL

Anw the ice cream here is the jap styles. So it's lighter but sweeter too. Ice cream deprived-lirong LOVES THEM!


Forcing my mum to try the SUPER NICE CAKES! Apparently only I eats cakes. :/

Energized enough to camwhore!



The place is seriously HUGE! Can house like 450! Thus buffet town right?
Variety is huge too, but the food quality was really passable. I think I enjoyed the cakes and ice cream the most.


Though the desserts are really attractive, but don't think I wanan pay another $33.90 for the buffet again.


Went Plaza Sing to digest a bit before we suddenly decides to visit our future home! Yes moving again. :/

We got excited and started planning on how to decor the house.


I think after we shift to Esturary, it will be my 6th time moving.


Ok, 1.11am. I promised myself to sleep before 1am and I always break it. SIANZ!


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