Thursday, October 27, 2011

Healthier choice

Brother and I planned to have buffet today cox I was having buffet-withdrawal syndrome. It has been a good 2 weeks since my last buffet. :/ Plus I was super craving for some sushi!!!! LOL! 

So can you feel that kind of excitement I woke up this morning?:D  Like 'YAHOO!!!' *I totally won't blame you if you think that I must  be super gluttony girl* 

Then bro said: 'Jie I think today we better don't eat buffet bah'

*cold water splashed all over me*

He said buffet is too fattening and unhealthy so we should limit to once a month only. Since we already went to Buffet Town earlier on, meaning next buffet is in Nov. Can't agree more that bro's right. But still very disappointed. :( 


I kinda convince brother to have buffet this fri/sat! HAHAHAHAHA! I can deal with the fats and unhealthiness later~ :P Hopefully he doesn't become health-conscious again! :X

Since brother is talking about being healthy, I've started to make a healthy dinner for the dinner! 

If you don't know I'm a crazy Yong Tau Foo fan then you are not my friend! haha! 

This is the unique Lirong's YTF formula! 

1. minced meat
2. minced fish
3. carrots
4. onions
5. garlic

No salts added at all! 
Healthy = a good balance of nutrients. :) 

4 bowls of these as dinner tonight with rice and my favorite bibimbap sauce! :D Also means each of us actually ate a huge bowl of these. :/ 


Anyway I realized I'm living in self-denial, refusing to accept that exam is coming real quick and I have 2 reports yet to settle. Yet I live like it's holiday already, have been surfing much on recipes to bake especially! 


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