Friday, October 28, 2011

What I do for loves

'To be love' or 'to love', which would you choose? 2 years ago if you were to ask me this question, I would choose 'to be love' without hesitation. I don't deny, I was selfish back then I love myself more than anyone. :/ However, now with the same question I would say 'to love'! (of course it's a bonus to be love too!:D)

The happy smiles on the loves really really worth everything! :)

So what I did for them, my family? 

1. Hotcakes breakfast

My first time making hotcakes all because my brother said he wanted them for breakfast! Hot fudge chocolate with icing sugar! :D 

Prepared the batter the night before I headed to bed, like 1am? Haha, then had to wake up like 7 in the morning to make them cox brother has got lesson! Surprisingly awake though, I was excited to make them too and it's super love breakfast for the family! :)

One for mummy
 (caught her by surprise cox she didn't know I was going to make breakfast so early for them! :P)

Another for the brother! 

The main thing is the taste! My brother said he wants them again!!! YAY!!!! Equips to me having successful grabbed his stomach. LOL! Not easy for my brother to request me to make something actually. So yea, the hotcakes were good! My mummy of course would say it's good, because it is made by me. LOL!

2. Min Jiang Kueh

Again, you are not my friend if you don't know I'm a sucker for Jollipancake. 
I used to eat them like EVERY SINGLE DAY! :p

Again, I prepared the batter the night before and woke up early to make them. 

Mummy keep asking me to sleep more, don't need to wake up so early to make breakfast for them. But I just simply enjoy doing that for them! Prepare breakfast, wait for them to wake up, eat together then send them off for work/school. Don't this sounds like a homemaker? Haha! I aspire to be one! :P

Anyway, I burned the base :( My silly mother still insist that it was delicious despite being 'shao-tar' LOL!

In case you are wondering why I didn't make breakfast for my dad? Of course I love him too! But daddy leaves home very early for work so can't wake up in time! :( But I'll be making hotcakes for all of them this weekend! Hehe! :P 

3. Queued 9hrs to get Iphone4S

I know I'm crazy or what? I have never never done something like this before. :/ I queued because my mother wanted an iphone so I went to queued for her. :) Reached Plaza Sing like almost 9am and there were 100+ people already there. :X I heard the first guy came at 3am. MADNESS! 

Seriously I didn't expect to queue for so LONG!!!! If I had knew I wouldnt come, at least not alone. :(

0845 - 1145: Queued like 3hrs just to get a number to purchase the phone. Was hungry, thirsty and cold! T.T Lonely too... :'(

Got the number and was told that I have to wait another 3hrs for my number to be called. *faint* Went to have lunch with the brother! Yes, my brother came down to accompany me! :D So nice of him really! I wouldn't do that. :/ 

Went back after 3hrs and it was still far from my number!!!! Seriously I was quite pissed with the slowness. :< The person said I have to wait like another 3 hrs for my number!!!! I was like WTH!! 

Sigh.... the brother and I decided to catch a movie to kill time. :/ 

I thought the movie was okay~ But love era of the movie lot. I'm totally in love with ancient Europe, definitely the place where I go if I could travel time. :/ 

Got back after movie and it was like after 5pm. Still like 10 odds before my turn :(

Finally after much waiting, I got my iphone4s! Really thankful to have brother with me! :') 

Anyway I paid for the phone! It's a gift for my mum! Haha! But my mother said she didn't want iphone4s she gave me the 4s while she take my current 4. Quite complicated eh? To cut it short, my mummy gave me the new iphone4s while she also get a new iphone4 (I changed mine for a new one for her). I'm way too pampered. :X

You must be thinking I'm one luckily girl? I haven't even use my current iphone4 for a year and yet I having 4s now. :/ Yes, I admit I'm lucky. Not because of the gadgets I own but because of the people around me. :)

Tell me how not to love these people when they are showering me with so much love? My family are my very precious. :) 

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