Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The heaven in my opinion

Hello! Recently have been blogging a lot ya?
Not like I've the urge to blog or something (maybe just a bit), more like I just refuse to study. :/

First paper on 19/11 and it's almost 20/10 soon. Can I curse? :<

Study aside! Food is my topic! LOL!

Dinner last night, home-style hokkien mee!

I realized there are a lot different ways to cook a hokkien mee. Mine is the braised type, the typical one you will find on your tze char menu.

Usually, mummy cooks this (she claims it's her secret formula to keep me under her control, cox I'll do anything for her to cook it for me :P), but ytd she wasn't feeling well and I die also wanna eat my hokkien mee, so I had her to teach me.

Turned out to be not bad too eh? Happy! Don't need to live under the power of my mum anymore~ LOL!

Found it really tedious to cook. Cox a of ingredients involved. :/

1. 0.5kg of pork belly
2. 10 sotong balls
3. a bag of tau pok
4. 0.5kg of prawns
6. 10 crabs sticks
7. a can of mushrooms
8. 2 packets of beansprouts
9. 1 packet of celery
10. 2 packet of shanghai green
11. 1kg of hokkien mee noodles, sheng mian

This amount can probably feed a family of 8?


Love the gravy lots! Made truly from the goodness of prawn shells and 2tbsp of premium dark soya sauce! :)


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