Thursday, October 20, 2011

I remember today

You would never imagine what I have gone through today. 

I was knocked by a car. A very minor accident but enough to scare the hell out of me. 

Location: Zebra crossing between NUH and Sci Faculty
Obviously before crossing the road I looked to check if there's any approaching car, yes there was one coming at a real low speed.  
I crossed the road thinking that it's a zebra-crossing and the driver should have seen me. 


I was freaking SHOCKED! When I realized the driver did not stop the car despite me crossing the road and was really close to kissing my legs! 

Of course your instinct is to move away right? I did, but the car was moving faster than my reaction. Great, the car kissed my right knees. 


The driver didn't even realized that his car has knocked onto a pedestrian! Guess what to driver was doing? I looked up to see the driver's eyes off the road! He wasn't even looking inward when he should! He was focusing on the building on his right! 

No wonder he didn't see me, no wonder he didn't stop his car at the zebra crossing, NO WONDER I WAS BEING KNOCKED BY HIS CAR!

Really how can he be so irresponsible?! 

I immediately bang on his bonnet to get his attention! WTH seriously?! 

He was shocked, SO WAS I?!

I was so traumatized, like really. I can't imagine if his car was speeding. Tears rolled down, I was scared. :'( 

While I teared what did that damn driver do? He stunned/freezed in his seat. Didn't even come out to check if I was ok. 

After checking that I was fine, my legs were ok, I just walked off. Consider yourself lucky Mr driver that I let you off! :<

There was quite a human traffic around, I guessed they were shocked too. There was this gentleman that came over to help me. :) 

For that instance I really have the urge to call my mummy, cox I was like shaking and damn scared and really need someone to assure me that I was fine. :( but I didn't, didn't  want her to worry. 

Wiped my tears and off the meet the rest for lunch. :) 

It was also the first time in my life that I lost my appetite! The hungry signal went off instantly and replaced by the million and one scenarios that could have happened to me. So you see how freaked out was I. 

Anyways, thanks for all the concerns from all the dear friends! Especially Izhar for cheering me up! Shu Qing for the hug and Cheryl for her never-ending concerns! 

The day ended good with my last immuno lab. :)

Got home and hugged mummy immediately! Told her what happened while I cried like a baby in her arms. My parents freaked out too. Checked my legs like.. I don't what. LOL!

I thought of my family immediately when the car kissed my legs. I was scared not because I got knocked by a car. Instead I was scared by the thought of not being able to see my family again. :'( 

However my legs are fine though I experience pain climbing the steps. No wonder what I thank god. 

Thank god that the car wasn't speeding, thank god for looking after me, thank god that I'm alive and well. :) 

I shall see it as a karma for jay-walking too much! Haha! Shall treat it as a lesson from god to remind me to cherish my loves! :) 

If there is anything I regret about today, it will be not having the courage to go up to the driver and drag him out! I should have shouted, cried, screamed at him! No, I'm not gonna demand for any compensation whatsoever, I just want to really teach him a lesson! Please don't divert your eyes from the road especially you are near pedestrian crossing! It's so dangerous can?! 

Hopefully the driver's experience with me can teach him to be more alert on the road. Dear Mr driver it's really your lucky day that you have met me instead!!! 

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