Saturday, October 22, 2011

Say hello to my tummy

I know this is quite crazy. But I broke my mop while I was helping mummy with house chores. 

I'm a macho girl in disguise so don't judge me base on my appearance. 

Anyway, I cannot say I'm skinny anymore~ I feel FAT these days! Like really! I feel a tummy growing! :< 

I think it is karma, the tummy finally accumulates after the many buffets and buffet-like dinners every night. Plus all my late-night snacking for not sleeping early!  

This is what the tummy is made of:

Sinner 1: Tim Tam (on offer! I just have to get them! :X)

Sinner 2: Girl guides' chocolate mint cookies <3 

Sinner 3: Potato salad (too generous with mayo), made for the family but did not appeal to them so I had to finish all by myself, not that I'm complaining. Yes I am now with the new-grown tummy. :( 

Sinner 4: Waffles. You know what, a tiny place like Fernvale actually has 4 different shops selling waffles! Yups, so I went to try each and every in search for the best waffles! But I find them all equally nice leh~ LOL!

Sinner 5: Chocolate cake. Still remembers this? I ate more than half of the cake cox parents only tried a piece and brother had the other reminding. 

Sinner 6: Rocher. Bought for the cake but only used 6 pieces. So I had a large box to finish and I did. 

So you see how can I not get FAT with all these in just less than a month? 

Chocolates, I love and hate you! 

If only the fats grow somewhere more presentable then I would be more than happy~

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