Sunday, October 30, 2011

I want to celebrate Halloween too

I think Halloween is like one of the coolest festival! But I was never able to celebrate it at all. :( Planned to go Night Safari this year but we know it wouldn't be possible. D: 

I like to dream and make up scenarios for myself. Like how would I dress up for Halloween if I'm actually celebrating it?:D



Something ghost-like, I like to be scary. LOL! 

It's damn cool la! If only I can celebrate Halloween too. :( 


Since I can't celebrate Halloween in the dressed-up way, I celebrated in the food way! 

It's no Halloween with some PUMPKINS!

Pumpkin rice 

Ate 4 servings to finally stop myself from feeding. :/ 
*look at tummy and sigh*

Had been long since I last ate pumpkin rice cox I'm like so addicted to pumpkin congee. LOL! Considering switching my weekly pumpkin affair to this pumpkin rice! haha! :D 

Quite easily made with PUMPKIN, rice, pork belly, chinese sausages, dried shrimps,dried mushrooms and cabbage. (I tossed in some leftover vegetables from the night before, thus the black fungi) 

YUMMY combination of sweet and salty flavorings. :D

Pumpkin cake, 金瓜糕

This has been in my must-make-food since forever, but I was lazy. :X Finally today I decided to make it and I totally regretted not making this cake earlier! 

Like a pretty~ 

Just looking at these photos is giving me the crave for the cake again. :/ 

Fresh out of the steamer, I told myself, ok lets try the taste. So my try the taste became me wiping off 2 slices of the cake. :/

Can also fried it with some eggs to become fried pumpkin cake like the fried carrot cake we see in hawkers! Another method is to pan-fried the cake, but I didn't have enough of it to make. :/ 

This, I will definitely make again! But after exam. T.T 

Recipe source: Nasi Lemak Lover

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