Friday, November 4, 2011

Hi November

I'm being super rebellious lately. I should be mugging for exam now since it's like 2 weeks away and I have hell to memorize! :( But I just don't have the momentum to conquer the notes. I feel the fear when I think of the drugs to memorize, the B and T cells and Planet Earth! 


Now that optical network is finally up at home, my internet is working on supreme speed!!! Awesome max but screwed me too. I have been watching lots of movies and what not lately. T.T 

DAMN FUNNY! Must watch! Mr Bean ftw! LOL! 

Expecting a lot from this, thought it will be something like 'Bridewars'. But nothing compared to it! Kinda boring movie. :/ But the ending was quite beautiful. Wedding scenes are always beautiful aren't they? 

Not bad, much better than Bridesmaids! Again, the ending was really sweet~ 

Movies are always movies eh? They don't occur in reality, maybe one in a million. That's why we dream. 

Alright, I shall do my final assignment of the year now! Good luck to all those mugging for exam!


Oh ya! You probably noticed that my blog is flooded with ads these days. Yea, Lirong is desperate for income. LOL! 

Ending with my new favourite song from Kelly Clarkson.

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