Thursday, November 10, 2011


Here to share the joy because I've passed my driving practical test today!!!! OMG! Just how excited I am eh? The thing is, I passed with ZERO mistakes!!! :D Ok, the only points deducted was from slow-driving. haha! But I'm super happy!!!! To be honest I was expecting myself to fail. :X Cox I mounted kerbs every single time when I'm in the circuit. :( I even mounted kerb just before the test la! Imagine my morale. I think even my instructor thinks I might fail. LOL! So yup, this was really super surprising. :)

I'm a free-thinker, but I believe in god and I really thank god for looking after me today. Thank you for making my day! :D And of cox I thank my instructor too! Although he really like to talk rubbish to me, he is overall a really good instructor! Mr Ng Tiong Ho, 97947250 call him if you are interested in getting a licence! Overall, I spent close to $1400, much cheaper than enrolling into school!:) However, I would say don't enroll to SDCC if you have too. The layout of SDCC's circuit is really out to kill you! BBDC and CDC have better circuits! :)

Today is such an awesome day please!!! hahahaha!:D Anyway, I bought chocolates to thank for instructor. :P I was planning like if I passed, I'll give him. But if I failed, I'm gonna squeezed the 30 pieces of chocolates right into my stomach! FAT.DIE.ME. LOL! Glad, I don't have to do this to myself. HAHA!

Now that I've gotten my licence the next thing is CAR! Of cox I want a car! But I don't know whether I should let my parents buy one. The market is like super hot now cox of the ever-rising COE! :( I want a car but I don't want to increase the burdens on my parents. It's freaking $1000/mth to raise a car! :/ One year would be 12K, at least. So... dilemma. Let's see how first bah...

Besides passing my driving test. Ytd was also my final last day of the sem!!! Like fast or what? Seriously! I really enjoyed the sem though half of the time I'm not in school. LOL! But really glad to have found new friends and my life sci profs were all so AMAZING!!! Ok, minus CFT!!! But the rest were all so brilliant! I so love the life sci department! LOL!

Freaking funny! Watch it for entertainment! :D 

Another entertaining movie! A bit like 'Night at the Museum', worth watching! 

This is best!!! Super funny please! I always think that I don't like buff guys, but Ashton Kutcher totally changed everything! He's like hot! The stalker in me started goggling and followed him on twitter! lol lol lol! 



Pardon, still damn excited! 

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