Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nihon mura kaiten sushi

If drugs are addictive, buffets are like drugs to me. I feel uncomfortable just because I have not eaten any buffet for 2 freaking weeks. Tell me, isn't this an addiction? :/ 

So finally after 3 buffet-less weeks~ I have my 19th buffet of the year! 19!! Can you believe it?! :X 

Brother and I reached on time at 12pm and started eating before the rest came. :P Sorry, the food is too tempting for one with an empty stomach! :X

The first plate that I ate! Says what? HAHA! 

Yum yum? :D

Always having room for desserts! :D

Qiao trying to take a photo of me eating endless-ly while they have already put down their chopsticks! :P She's amazed by the amount of food I can squeeze into my tiny body! LOL! 

Camwhore time~

This app is call 'pudding camera' 

Fun to play with! haha!

I get nervous with this kind of continuous shot, no idea how to react! LOL!

Isn't Siri like smart?! 

So much entertainment from Siri! haha! 

<3 girls 

The few of us! :D 

First time having a buffet session with the cousins and I totally freaked them with my stomach capacity. LOL! But really glad that we made this buffet possible! So worth the time off the books! Sat and ate from 12pm-6pm before we head off for some after-meal shopping~ 

The company was so awesome! Love my cousins so so so much! <3 haha! So much to chat about with the cousins! From family to love to studies to KBOX, our childhood etc.. Just everything under the sun! 

Food wise, I would say quite disappointing. Suki changes their menu too frequently seriously! Everytime I come, I'll see a new menu! This time round a lot of things were removed from the menu, esp the sushi which I was dying for! :( To the extent that I don't really see any nice sushi to eat. So wish I had gone to sakae instead! I think I ate more mochi than sushi. LOL! So my stomach is having a lot of mochi, fried food and desserts swimming in it rather than sushi! :/ 

Nah, so don't think I wanna come back to suki, not anytime soon. Maybe sakae! HAHA!

Ok, enough of fun today! Time to get serious! 

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