Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lucky girl

Welcome my Silver Honda Fit to the family! ^^

I can't believe that I actually passed my driving and owns a car! :O and Honda fit is my dream car! Red colour though, but I'm good with silver too! Haha! You can slap me if I even complain! Lol! So yups! I feel so lucky! initially daddy was thinking of buying me a Suzuki Swift, cox Honda fit a bit over budget.:X So I have no idea why I ended up with the fit! (I didn't tell daddy that I prefer Honda fit) That's what I call fate to be. Hahaha!

Overjoyed with the car but also feeling damn stress.:( I feel so guilty for you know putting more burden on my parents. Mum says she will pay for all the car expense EXCEPT any car injuries I will have to settle it myself. Very reasonable, so I'm gonna protect the car with my life! Lol lol lol! But the thing is.. My driving skill suck! :( :( :( so *no face* during the test-drive! Honestly, a bit regret buying the car. :/ I'm better off being a passenger than driver. Lol! But! I can't disappoint my parents! Have to really brush up my driving skill after exam, which I can't wait!!! I'm so excited about accessory shopping for my car!:D thinking of how to decor it!:D hehe!

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