Monday, November 28, 2011

Free from exam

I'm so glad that I'm finally saying this, EXAMINATION IS OFFICIALLY OVER FOR THE YEAR 2011. How great is that right? Although, I have been enjoying ever since cardio paper. haha! No doubt the CAP gonna drop for this semester. But I can handle that, I can! :)

Oh ya, by the way my planet earth paper really suck. lol! I have like plenty of time because I have no idea what to write! I was like flipping here and there. lol! #failed.

So anyways, over the weekend I finally make my first trip onto the expressway. Do you it's like changing from a swimming pool to an open sea. Quite scare at first, but it turned out well, in fact I'm loving the expressway so much! :D No traffic lights and everything is so nice to drive with! :D But this also makes me speed quite a lot. Especially today, I beat the red light. :/ Ok, bad habit! Have to change!

Movie to share:

This gives me a 'another romance comedy' feel. Not very impressed. :/ Ok, maybe impress that they got Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman together. :P

A very 'chim' movie I guess. Kiera Knightley is winning my heart after catching so many of her works. Still love her best in Pirates!

Preparing myself for my date with Edward. I miss my vampire lover! lol! Edward is like a prefect lover for me. :P Oh, and I really don't like Bella! Not being sour, but I can't stand her loving Edward and Jacob at the same time! Hello Bella, make up your mind can?! You can have J and leave E to me. :PpP Sorry, but I just don't see how Jacob is attractive. :/ 

Food to share:

Jalan Kayu prata!:D (Taken with instagram)

After shifting here for 2years and 3months, this is only the 3rd time I'm having Jalan Kayu Prata! Haha! You can say that I not really a very great fan of this sinful local delight. But when the crave comes, I just have to get it! So glad the pratas were especially good that day.  I don't know how you describe the taste of prata, but I could still remember the texture in my mouth. 

Taken with instagram

What I had for dinner tonight, Mee Tai Mak/Loh Shi Fun/rat noodles. Interesting name right? I still remembered when my parents first bought this noodle when I was in primary school, I didn't dare to eat it at all! Ya, because of it's name, rat noodles. lol! But now, I'm totally enjoying it! Wipe off 4 plates for dinner, could do more but have to reserve some for my daddy. Yes, this is how much love I have for mee tai mak. :) 

My first cookbook! Thanks ch for getting me!:D Definitely mugging on this for the vacation! Starting from tml! haha! :D 

Goodness! I'm all so excited about vacation!:D If only it's 3 months long~ Oh wells, just enjoy! :) 

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