Friday, November 25, 2011

The battle is almost over

Exam is over! Eh, not really. But I self-proclaimed since I'm like 70% sure I'm gonna S/U Planet Earth. It's like impossible for me to score at least a B+ for this module. So why spend time on a module which I'm going to S/U ya? :)

I think I'm quite funny. You see before exam ended, I have so many things in mind to do! But right now, I have no idea what to do. :/ Is this the case for everyone? Haha!

Here are the things in mind.

2.breaking dawn
3.find out more about the job of a teacher
6.picnic more movies/dramas online
8.gossip girls
9.running man
10.the list goes on..

I'm are excited about spending time with friends and heading out!!! But I also feel like being anti-social and lock myself at home all day too. Nothing much, just to have some meme time! Bake some cakes and enjoy them with a cup of tea. Actually, I'm a very homey-person. :/ Oh ya, I need to wash my car!

Caught a lot of movies over the few days again. Limited myself to one a day!

I missed my parents like crazy after the movie, a very heart-warming one.

I recommend you to watch if you are kinda bored. lol! Not that it's not nice, but the story line is too predictable. 

Prepare yourself some tissues for the ending!! :')

It's the era of the movie that caught my eyes. I didn't realise 'Lord Voldemort' was the male lead at first. haha!

Another movie to kill time! But the little girl was really cute! :)

I remembered catching a documentation about King Henry VIII on History channel. I always have an interest for historical figures. Gonna read up more about England's history after the REAL exam ends! :)  

Oh my god! This is the movie that everyone should like really really really watch! Especially when today is Thanksgiving, in American's time. Watch this movie twice and it never failed to touch my heart. I miss my ahma so so so much after the movie!!! :(

Enough of the movie spamming. Yesterday I finally received my package for TA. Roughly read through the offers and things and now I find myself in a dilemma again. :/ 

If I accept: 

-No worries about job hunting after exam
-I'm going to be a lot richer
-Lessen my parent's burden
-June holiday gone
-Summer exchange planned might be affected
-No more graduate trip :( :( :(

Got till 5 Dec to decide. :/ 

Life is all about decision makings eh? It's inevitable that we come to a crossroad every now and then and there isn't really a correct/best route, it's how you face the challenges ahead! Am I ready for the challenges?  

Anyway it's thanksgiving, so I wanna thank everyone who is reading this post because you are generating money for me! lol!! Just joking! :P 

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