Thursday, November 17, 2011

Love is all around

Love love :D (Taken with instagram)

Bought the baby on Sunday but only drove back yesterday night. :) 

It was a terrified experience! haha! My test drive with the baby was in a thunderstorm and first ride was in the dark dark night! :O Was worried at first cox I have never drove in the night, but it turned out well. :D My dad was more worried than me actually. Haha! I had to tail him all the way home, with mum and bro in my car. It was easy! *phew* I'm a safe driver! LOL! BUT! When we reached the carpark, I was like SHIT! Totally LOST and BLUR! haha! Ntg like what I have been taught. :X I actually have to depend on daddy to give me commands in order to park my baby. 


But I just went down to practice on my own and FINALLY COULD PARK A VERTICAL SLOT! FANTASTIC YA?:D Brother is asking me to pick me up from school later. HAHA! lirong-the-chauffeur. :P 

Oh anyway! I REALLY LOVE THE CAR! Not just because it's a gift from my parents but also because the car is like super user-friendly! :D wheeee~ 


Oh! You know what, I'm being offered a teaching position by MOE! The story goes something like I went for an interview with MOE and got accepted. I didn't tell anyone about the interview (not even my parents) cox I never thought I would get in, more like I just wanna gain some interview experience? LOL! Quite a stress-free interview, 3 panels, a principal, senior teacher and a psychologist. Yes there was a psychologist inside! haha! I guess MOE is worried that they might hire some psychos? lol! 

Yups, so now I'm in a dilemma whether to take up the position a not. :/ I definitely prefer teaching as a career rather than lab lab lab! :< But I'm not so sure if I should close my door to other opportunities so soon, I'm just Year3. :X Talked to my cousin who is a teacher too. So the cons of being a teacher are like mountain high! LOL! Basically, you don't just have to teach, a lot of other things to do too. :/ But the pros are quite attractive. haha! Like super high pays! :X Ya, I have my pro-rated salary and it's like damn high for a fresh grad. LOL! So yups, I really need to think carefully by myself cox my parents said they don't want to affect my decision, so no advise from them. D: But from other conversation my mum is more incline of me accepting the offer than my dad. 

Advise anyone? :/

Oh wellssss..... 

On a movie marathon despite of exam. :X Don't judge me! I need a break too! 

Beautiful movie! :') I so going to find the book and read it after exam! 

Everyone is like talking about this now! Totally because it's like damn GOOD! Usually I don't watch Chinese movies at all, but this is EXCEPTION! Go watch it for yourself! I even read the book and finished in less than a day! lol! Quite a thin book actually. JUST GO AND WATCH! :P

Not bad too! Entertaining! HAHA! I just love 'love, comedy movies'! :D 

Quite a hit back then. Educational?  

 Love Actually Album Cover

I told you I love 'love stories' LOL! So beautiful too, although I don't really like the ending every much. :/ 

Ya, LOVE IS ALL AROUND! It doesn't have to be a BGR, it can be from friends, families, music, FOOD etc. Just everything and anything that make you feel HAPPY, JOY AND LOVED! :)

Taken with instagram

Like food makes me really happy. :P 

And pumpkins make me feel like a QUEEN. 

lol lol lol 


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