Saturday, November 19, 2011

The good and bad

The bad:

I just finished my first paper, immunology, from the title you can roughly guess how was it. :( Bad is too kind of a word, it was HORRIBLE. Sigh.. Like so disappointed! Cox I spent the most time and effort on it . T.T

The paper was bad cox every almost all were application questions. :( even MCQ! Sigh.. None of the MCQ I'm actually confident to say that I'm right, it was this bad. Not to say about the killing 8 structured questions! Totally no time to finish pls!:(

The only consolation if it helps, is that everyone is feeling the same as me, including IZHAR! Lol! Very important to emphasis this. Haha!

There goes my A for immuno~ *insert curse*

The good:

Rmb me mentioning about teaching as a possible career? Yea, I'm going to take up the challenge! Haha! Cox surprising MOE is offering me TEACHING AWARD too! I'm was like :O when I was informed! I didnt even expect myself to get through the teaching interview! Not to mention being able to impress the panels enough to be give this award. :/

Yups, so since MOE is giving me the TA I'm just going to accept the offer! Pretty excited about teaching now! Haha! The down part is that I might not be able to go for my grad trip cox admission to NIE is like immediately after I graduate from NUS. :(

Pretty satisfied with my life now. :) at least I won't have to think about what I want to do after I graduate! Haha! Successfully escaped the life of a research officer~ whoohoo! LOL! And the most important thing is I made my parents proud!:)

Rights, not going to let this immuno thing affect me for long. I still have 4 papers to go!


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