Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Year 3

Year 3 is a very special phase of my university life because we finally get into our specializations! For me it's BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES! :) And I really enjoyed all my core modules! To the extent that I read up beyond the syllabubs. Haha! #geek 

Although, I look forward to being in year 3, I also reject the idea of being in year 3. Because Hidaya isn't taking any core modules with me. :( That was really hard since we literally depend on each other since year 1. Just so we are the only 2 life sciences in GAMBIT. T.T *sings lonely* 

I wasn't like a loner in lecture, I still have Izhar and his 'CAP 4.0 above' gang. But it just felt different and I felt so relieved everytime when lecture ends. :/

But slowly as the semester goes by, we grew closer and a bond slowly formed. I started joking and joining their conversations. :) Having lunches together, discuss about questions, talk about random things and even planned for outings after exam! :) 

We went to Mind Cafe this afternoon and had a great day together! :D We were definitely the nosiest table in the cafe. haha! Initially planned for a picnic and kite-flying session. But we don't need a weather forecast to tell us that it definitely will pour in the afternoon. 

Cheryl, my toilet partner!! haha! Hopefully we can get into Summer exchange together next year! (Y)


Shuqing! She is really a welfare director material! haha! <3 

I didn't bring my lumix out, but Jiaxin got his DSLR! Shall wait for his photos. Jiaxin has also been appointed our officially photographer for all our future outings. :P 

Very excited about our Christmas outing next!!! :D 

Rushing to head out, so I only made agar agar this morning! Mango flavor this time round, I feel this is the best among all others. :)

Anyways after playing with Jiaxin's DSLR, I realised I hasn't touched my Lumix for quite some time. :X Too heavy you see. :P So I took out and finally explore a bit on the functions and of course camwhore! :D 

Outfit of the day! 

This was one of the tops that I bought yesterday with Qiao. Super like the material! It's knitted. 


Did you realise I chopped my hair? 2 inches! #bigfatdeal and had a side bangs. I feel neater now. ^^ I almost dyed my hair red too! But chicken out in the end. :/


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