Thursday, December 1, 2011

Back to December

First post for December shall be given to my darling! ^^ Which darling do you think I'm referring to? Of course my car! Haha! Have been dating this precious of mine like almost everyday since holiday started. I'm so glad I can finally say I'm a better driver now? Haha! At least no one horns at me on the road now and I don't drive at 40km/hr. lol! 

Confession: I have to add on a cushion on my seat otherwise I can't vision the road. :X Don't laugh at me ok! It's not that my legs are short, the car is just big! haha! Ok, quite embarrassing. :/

Actually, I don't really like to drive, I still prefer to be a passenger. :P Less stressful! Haha! So today I drove  my brother to CDC and made him sign up as a private student! heh heh! :D :D I swear the road at Ubi is so fierce! Still prefer my SDCC. :X But I made brother go for CDC still because SDCC has really bad circuit!  

A super ugly 'Ma Lai Koh' that I baked. I used the wrong pan. :/ 


I realized most of the things I baked/cooked have zero aesthetic, though I could make up the taste. Come on Lirong! Do up the looks too! 

Had pumpkin rice for dinner again tonight (no photos, guess everyone is sick of me and my pumpkins), mummy intentionally cooked extra portions to reserve as tml's lunch for brother and I. But I eat everything at one go. This explains my heavy stomach now. :/ I think I'll most likely die of over-eating. lol! 

Have been heading out like everyday since exam ended. Don't even have time to catch up on the list of movies that I wanna watch! Seriously I watched more movies when I was having exam. :/ Ironic right? 

I actually have a list of 20+ movies to catch this holiday. Don't think I have time to finish them all though. :/ 

December has always been my favorite month after March! Because it's winter and so it snows! :D Such a pity I'll never witness such beautiful scene in Singapore. :( 

My dream: To witness snowing with my own eyes and having my love beside me. #mylifeiscomplete 

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