Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day trip to JB

Went to JB earlier today with the girls for our super late post-exam celebration! haha! I think the last time I went JB was like 2 years ago? Super long long time ago. :X haha! 

We only dare to shop around City Square though, too scary to head out especially without any guys with us. :/ 

You have to watch movies over at JB! So so cheap compared to Singapore! haha! Can totally have some movie marathon there! :D We only have time for 1 movie though, caught Happy Feet 2. I love penguins! They are like my favorite after pandas! :D So cuteeeeee!! HAHAHA!

Seoul garden buffet! 

I think this is my number 20 buffet of the year!!! OMG! :O 

Cannot expect much from seoul garden. :/ I was like only 50% full when the girls have all stopped eating. LOL!

#ifidieyoung it is buffet's fault!

Steamboat buffet checked. Anyone wanna sushi buffet with me? :D 

Pretty polaroids! 

Effects done with 'mei du xiu xiu' So pretty right?:D 

Love the girls! <3
Please please please *cross fingers* hopefully our Europe trip next year would really happen!


New top from cotton on! My love for polka dots have shifted to become knitted tops! :P

Conclusion: I should go JB more often. 

Sara Barailles - King of anything. 

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