Friday, January 27, 2012

CNY Day 4

Yes, dear all, I'm still high on CNY mood. =.= Went to school after a good 1 week break and I think I absorbed 0. :( I was so glad my afternoon lectures were cancelled! Kinda don't really like the modules that I'm taking now. Like not so exciting after all, too biochemistry, which is not my type. D: I foresee myself suffering. :'( 

Anyways, let me reminisce my CNY celebration! Day 4, also the last day for visiting and things. Sob sob. 

Wore an 'old' dress today. :P

Picked up my bro from school before driving over to Yishun to my cousin's place! :D

Whenever I go visiting, the first thing I go for is their CNY goodies. LOL!

Really a lot! :D

Also thankfully that there were a lot of goodies. Because we survived on these goodies for lunch!!!

My dear Meiling (cousin) went back to her office and told us she will be back shortly to prepare steamboat for us. She insisted that we wait for her to come back and prepare the steamboat so that it will be nice. :/

Ok, so we waited for her legendary steamboat then! Meanwhile snacked on the goodies. 

Played wii to kill time too! See my cousin (strip tee), he was hungry to the point that he couldn't sit properly! lol!



The steamboat that we can see but cannot touch because Meiling says so. :'(


Finally she came back!!! at 3pm+?  and started preparing the ingredients and things for steamboat. 

The legendary steamboat!

Ok, so she wanted to make a herbal chicken broth so she didn't want us to touch the steamboat. =.=

Actually we don't really care. LOL!

She also cooked some curry vegetables!!! Yum yum yum! Spicy yes! :D

Lunched Don't know it was dinner or lunch at 4pm and I have to rush off to meet the LSM for steamoboat buffet @ seoul garden. How to eat you tell me?! D:


The clever me left my Hp at my cousin's place and happily drove off!!! Argh! Reached home then realised my hp wasn't with me. :( Wanted to just ask my brother to bring back to me later but then I think cannot la, I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT MY PHONE!

So drove back to Yishun. =.=

I took like 25mins to and fro Yishun and Sengkang. Please do not tell my daddy or learn from me. :/

Because of that, I was late for the dinner thing. Ok, just 15mins late thanks to my speeding. :P

The LSM!

We got 3 tables and luckily we reserved! Even after 10pm there was still a long queue outside! :O

First buffet of the year!!

The Mt Everest!

We did finished the food ok! There's Lirong here! LOL!

Special mention to the cooked food, warm and yummy! I think each of us took a plate of the fried rice because it was surprising GOOD!

The DIY Ice Kachang that I made! Got feel right? hahaha!

Wanted to share but none of them appreciate. T.T
Nvm I eat! >:(


Anyways, our plan was to eat and go back rest since all of us have a horrible 8am lesson the next day. T.T

But we ended up eating until 10+ and went to play and what not until 11+. LOL! Since when plans work right? hahaha!

In the end the shopping mall was closed by the time we headed back and had to ask the security for help to get to the carpark from some ulu back door. Thank god I was with the guys! Quite scary! :X But an empty shopping mall all to ourselves kinda reminds me of RUNNING MAN! hahahaha!

I want running man to come Singapore~ lol!

Anyways, after counting tonight's steamboat, I have had 10 steamboats alone this CNY and counting. Unlimited amount of CNY goodies. Plus! 1kg gained!

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