Saturday, January 28, 2012

CNY Day 6

Went for FLAG COMM 09/10's annual CNY gathering at Mao's place again! Third year and counting!:) But I'm so sorry to CX! Told him I'm visiting his place when I forgotten that I'll be at Mao's place instead. :/ *guilty* 

I was digging my wardrobe and found this top! I think it as been hanging there since 2/3 years ago and I have never wore it before! LOL! 

Sorry CNY means I have to camwhore! :P 

Kinda like this top! So colourful! :D 

You cannot stop me from camwhoring. 


Snap snap snap!

Potluck lunch! :)

I made agar agar. Wanted to bake Portuguese egg tarts but I was too tired yesterday. :/

Juyin made agar agar too! haha! I was thinking she might make too!

Mao's vanilla cupcakes! AWESOMELY GOOD!!!

And his signature chawanmushi!

So I was saying, Mao's future wife gonna have a damn good life! hahahaha!

Terence's mini cupcakes. They became so unattractive infront of maos. :P

Pamela bought eclairs!

Hidaya's sushi!

Ervin got sushi too!

Huiting's vegetarian bee hoon! Another one that I like! :D

Qiu Jing bought snacks! :) Love the seaweeds!

Hmm.. so what did fatty brought? LOL!

Nom nom nom~ 

Happy stomach then game time! :)

Lirong the mice found food. lol!


fun fun fun!!!

Juyin! <3 The first friend to take my ride! :D


FLAG COMM 09/10!

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