Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First day of school

I'm doing a slacker again this semester! Hello to my 2/3days week! :D But with the pain of 8am-6pm. :( Okay, I rather so than coming to school everyday! :D 

First day of school was fine I guess, still very relaxing~

1. Woke up feeling damn freaking cold! Like really cold COLD! :( 
2. Everyone were talking about my eyes. LOL!
3. Happy with my lecture buddies! :D 
4. Explore the new Medical Library with the LSM. Damn nice compared to our rundown Science please! 
5. UTU freaked me out because of the term paper. I'm gonna die writing essay. :(
6. I think I'm in love with my Tumour Biology! :D 
7. Human Pharmacology doesn't seen to be the same as Fundamental Pharmacology. :( I think I like Fred Wong better. 
8. School ended an hour earlier today. (Y) 
9. I got Jang Keun Suk oppa from Korea. BEST! 

Oppa! <3

OMG! Thank you Paula, ILOVEYOU!!! 

10. HC went for exchange. *heart breaks* LOL!
11. I STILL COULDN'T MAKE UP MY MIND ON GE2220 OR LSM3224! Both have their pros and cons which are making things difficult for a very indecisive person LIKE ME! :( 

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