Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jayan's 1st Birthday Party

Drove down to little Jayan's birthday party after tuition! 

Little Jayan: Hello everybody I'm finally 1!:D

Yummy 9 course lunch for the 12 of us! Not much leftover though as the food was simply delicious~ 

Ate like a boss! :D

Took turns to take photos with the main lead! Baby Jayan's not shy at all! :D

Mad cute!!! 

Second outfit of the day for cake-cutting! :D

Mummy bear, Daddy bear and distracted baby bear! So sweet right?!

Jayan cutting his first birthday cake yo~

Nicely baked by Er Yi! So nice right! A chocolate cake with buttercream! 

Poor Jayan can only drink his milk while we finished the cake for him. :P 

Surprisingly En En was very sociable today! Usually he is very shy and always glue to his mummy!

So happy that he not only let me come near me and even let me feed him! hehe!

En En must remember Biao Yi when we meet again during Chinese New Year okie? Biao Yi buy you chocolate! :P

Played ball ball with xuan xuan too! :D Bullied him with our heights! :P

Not forgetting the main lead!

Jayan why you so cute?! 

Great afternoon spent with the cousins and the kids! So awesome to call them kids! Because we used to be the little ones! Today I really experienced how tiring it is to take care of small kids. Feeding En En alone took more than half an hour and he only ate 4 small pieces of food. =.= I started to imagine how tired my parents must be when I was a kid too! Salutes to all the noble parents! :)

Another sign of us aging: we are all drivers now. Haha! Cuihua, Qiao Ling and I drove today and we were like so excited to finally see our cars together! LOL! We are the Subaru-Toyota-Honda, Japan car gang. haha! Dinner with the parents at Bugis, mad crazy crowd!! We did some Chinese New Year goodies shopping over the weekend too! Can't wait to eat them~ Actually I've already started eating my Mochi and Pineapple tarts. :P 

Hello semester 2 of Year 3, Lirong is so not ready for you. :( 

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