Tuesday, January 17, 2012

To sum up

First time buying textbooks on my own initiative! lol! One reason for not buying textbook is the ridiculous price! These 2 books only costed me $150. D:

I figure I should put some of my TA allowance to relevant use. :P 

But my wrist almost broke thanks to the books. :/ 


Seafood soup tonight with fat juicy scallops! :D 

This type of food only appear in my house during CNY! Haha! 

As a kid we enjoy CNY definitely! Angbaos and good food! <3 But from the parents' point of view, it totally burns a BIG hole in their pockets! Haha! Not say Ang Baos, but seeing the cost from all the CNY goodies and what not is like WOW! (Maybe our fault for buying too much too. :P) Can easily go to $3000 with all the price hikes. :/  

So I conclude, I still want to be a 小孩子! 

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