Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chuan Huang's birthday gathering

BBQ!:D (Taken with instagram)

BBQ session with the cousins today! 

In celebration for Biao Ge's 24th Birthday!:)

Poor boy has some drug allergy that caused his whole face to swelled. :( Trust me he is underweight. :/ 

Favorite girl! 

Happy for the girl that she has finally found the one!:)

Pretty sky?:D

Rayleigh scattering! lol!

Love the pool! 

My camera shy brother! haha!

I'm thinking if I should continue with my undone lab report because my food is still in the process of digestion~ lol! 

I remembered myself eating 5 purple potatoes, 3 sweet corns and endless amount of hotdogs, crabsticks, sotong balls, MARSHMALLOWS, stingrays, otahs, prawns and more hotdogs, crabsticks... LOL!  I can never understand why I'm still 'hungry' when people are complaining about being so full. Maybe it's the same that others can't understand why I'm still eating when they would puke anything. HAHAHA! 

Food was good but the best was still htht-ing! Shared so much about our experience in BGR and views and how we felt about marriage and things. Feel really good to have people hearing you and agreeing with you too. I was quite emo when we were sharing about our BGR things. :( Sigh.. 

Anyways I'm really glad dear Qiao found her next love! :) Really feel happy for her! I think though I'm suppose to be 363 days older than me, this girl is much more mature and even sensitive than me! :)

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