Saturday, February 18, 2012



"If not sincere then do not disturb"

Because Running Man is only once per week,  I got pissed off with We Got Married because the subtitles go too fast for me to catch and I got sick of ANTM so I found this. Don't judge me ok! Haha! Trust me I was skeptical about this China's dating game at first. I admit for laughing at my brother when he first started watching the show! :P Like I really can't stand the way they talk and things. :/ But you know it's just cultural differences. What keeps me going with the show is LOVE. I think love is universal and I FEEL SUPER DUPER TOUCHED WHENEVER I SEE SUCCESSFUL COUPLES-TO-BE!!! 

I secretly cries whenever a guy propose something really romantic to a girl. 


I recommend this show to you IF, you don't not have any upcoming CA, assignments, lab reports or projects. Basically if you are still a student, my advice is to stay away from it. This show is addictive!

How addicted am I? I charged my phone 4 times a day because I have been using it to watch the show. :/ 

Sigh.. why am I a student?! *whine whine whine* 

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