Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My mum's canteen

I think I did briefly mentioned about my mum doing her own business? Yups, so she got herself a worker's canteen at a Punggol's construction site. In fact my dad is based there currently! So they are like working together now! :D Haha!

But actually I'm, in fact the whole family is not very supportive of her getting the canteen. I know how tiring it can get and I really want her to rest more and enjoy life now. But mummy was like an excited little girl who can't wait to start working in her new playground. =.=

Oh wells, we just have to support her then! 

After a good 2 weeks at the canteen, I think mummy really likes her environment! Though it's quite heart-arching for me to see her working so hard when she doesn't need to. :( 

Her cooking and selling space alone is already the size of a 3-room flat! :/ 

Though this is the first time she is doing a canteen, her experience in the food industry kinda help a bit? haha!

Breakfast: Paus, dimsums, fried noodles, kaya toasts and d-plus breads (my recommendations!:P)

Coffee/tea machine!

More drinks! :D (All chosen by me! haha!)

Food wise, my mum is selling Economic rice/noodles! 

So glad the site is like a 10mins drive from home! :D My meals are basically settled at my mum's canteen and I'm really like a gigantic 'rat' at her canteen! :P

FYI: Besides YTF, economic rice is my fave too! :D


Just get your parents to set up a 'cai fan' stall!

5 items here and require a rubber band to hold. 

My shorts are getting tighter though. :/ 

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