Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Let's talk LOVE

I'm especially excited about Valentine this year. :PpP

Thanks to NUS, I get to celebrate this special day with a CA. Seriously... 

Taken with instagram

What I gave,

I feel love.  (Taken with instagram)

and what I received. 

Feeling especially loved today! :D Had so much fun in school with all everyone! <3 Regretted nothing for spending time off my mugging to do the cards. :) 
Sorry if you do not receive my cards or oreo! You know I love you too! .xoxo. 

And I think I built karma for that too! Scored full marks for today's Pharmacology CA! Heh heh! :PpP


I love to see loving couples, especially when they look really cute together! :D 

Anyways, stupid brother decided to abandon me for dinner tonight. So I had to dinner alone. 


I'm actually looking forward to the day when I'll receive a bouquet of my favourite flower from that special guy. Think I might cry. hahahaha! 

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