Monday, February 6, 2012

CNY Day 14

Wow! CNY is really coming to an end man! Like tml is the last day. :/ 

Anyways, I had a rushing day 14 of CNY. 

1. 3hrs of differentiation/trigo tuition at Punggol. Tutee was very shagged, so am I. :/

2. Drove home to pick up mummy and brother to Seletar View and Hillgrove showrooms. 

Hello to future house 1.5years later, Seletar View! 4 storey semi-terraced. 
Strictly speaking only 2 roads away from my current location. 

We were also looking at Hillgrove, 5 storey semi-detached with built in lift. Too luxury pls! Will get karma! lol! Just joking, no $$! :P 

Mummy damn on! She immediately sign on the flat without my dad's consent! 

Brother and I were like 'don't need to discuss with daddy?' 
Mummy: 'Don't need la, I want to surprise him.' 

This type of surprise can kill leh mummy! Haha! 
Anyways, my mummy was only joking. 
We knew my dad confirm say 'up to you.'
NTS: Must find a guy like daddy! ^^

Anyways we are all very excited about this new nest. If you know me, you probably know that I don't come from a wealthy family. Do own a condominium is already like a very big deal to me, not say this. 
Must thanks my parents' thriftiness. :) 

My mum was jokingly saying that I have a higher chance of  marrying a rich family in our neighborhood then. 
This mummy ar! HAHAHAHA! 

So no fate with The Estuary in the end. Parents probably renting out. 
This will be my 5th/6th time shifting? LOL! 

3. Drove next to Yishun old house area because mummy wanted to get some things from there. Really miss the place much. It's like the place where I grew up from. :/

4. Drove back home finally and only left 40mins to bathe, change and everything before heading out again. I thought I would have time to study for CA. T.T

5. Pick up Paula and headed down to Gan Tie's place at Yishun again! My life is very much linked to Yishun right? haha!

She is the 2nd friend to be on my car! :D 

Hidaya are you gonna be next or never? LOL!

At Gan Tie's place again! Very warm hospitality by his family! ^^

My 3rd Lo Hei of the Year! Love Lo Hei! :D

Love as in to eat it, I'm actually very scare of the process. :/ 
Because food flies everywhere and will never fail to land on me. D: 

Steamboat dinner! :D 

Steamboat #14 of the year! ^^ #notenough

Teppanyaki too! 

Burning off the calories with Kinex!


Gonna ask my brother to buy me that Rabbit game! haha!


First time I'm a Vice! LOL!


Cheryl and people have been calling me alien ever since my blue contacts. 
Wonder what they gonna call me when I change to light purple soon. :PpP

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