Saturday, February 11, 2012

My collections

Guess how many pieces are there?

Freaking 31 dresses I own, I think it's a lot! :X

I swear they definitely don't appear to be so much. :/

1. 1/3 of them I've never wore out before.

2. 90% of the reminding 2/3 were only wore once.

3. None of them were wore more than thrice.

4. I ran out of hangers because of them.

5. I'm still shopping for more dresses.


Decided to save myself from the guilt by not counting the number of skirts I own. :/

So.. this is the reason why I'm wearing mostly dresses to school now! Haha! But my frequent to school is no match to speed of purchasing. Thus, the unwore dresses accumulates. :P

Guess which dress I'm gonna wear on Vday then? :D

Well, just a break from mugging my upcoming CA, on Vday. :(


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