Sunday, March 4, 2012

Near death experience

Often, it's not that we don't cherish.
 It's that we have never thought of losing them one day.

I almost died yesterday. I was hyperventilating. 

Quite a sudden thing actually :/

Here goes:

I was mugging and then I started to hyperventilate because I can't breathe suddenly. 
I was gasping for air so badly!
Epilepsy started to develop because of hyperventilation! My whole body became so stirred and I was clenching my fist so tightly that my nails were hurting my fresh. :( I feel the pain yet I couldn't stop myself. :(

 Quite scary right? I couldn't do anything except hyperventilating. Actually I can't even stop myself from anything! I think I could have just died if it was in the middle of the night? Luckily me, my family was still awake then. But I think I scare the hell out of my family too. My mum was like crying when she saw me being so scary. :/

I was being carried to the sofa on a horizontal position to relax. Yea, so slowly my breathing got back to pace and finally I could release my hands and my body was back to norm slowly. So breathing a bit hard though. 

I was forced to the doctor of course. It was say to be a neuro-disorder. Apparently I was sick and wasn't getting enough rest, plus I was feeling tensed and stressed. So everything just collapsed on my body collapsed suddenly. :/ 

My parents were hell FREAK OUT totally! 

 They quarreled a bit also. Mostly blaming themselves for not taking enough care of me. :( I was made me to go to bed immediately (not even 10pm), ordered me to relax and rest more. Health over studies.

But I climbed out of bed secretly to do my work and went to tuition today still.

I'm a very rebellious patient.


Anyways, I fine now!:D Just having occasional weird feelings on my heart, some fainting spell and a bit of migraine till now. Not sure if it's because of yesterday? And my arms hurts from the clenching! :( Oh! And I became so hungry after that! I think epilepsy burns lot of calories since I was trembling so much and clenching my fists so hard too? haha! 

Ya, so I thought this can be a very answer if anyone were to ask me if I have any near death experiences. 

Okay, I just trying to act strong. Still have chills running down my spine whenever I think about it. :/

Alright, I hope NUS sees this and stop giving me so much work to do! I almost died for you!!! 

But seriously I should take care of myself more. Because it hurts more to see my parents' worried eyes and even more when they blame themselves for not taking care of me when should be old enough to be responsible for myself.  :'(


  1. My first visit to your blog and I'm reading this rather shocking post! LOL

    Hope you are feeling better now. Mug hard yes, but rest well too.

  2. Hello! Thanks for visiting! I'm delighted? Haha! Because I frequent your blog too! :D

    Yes, health over everything. Thank you! :)

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