Tuesday, April 17, 2012


File:Battleship Poster.jpg

If you haven't catch this awesome movie then I think you should.... GO CATCH IT SOMEHOW!

The G-type planet all sounded so familiar thanks to UTU. :) Can't help but wonder if Dr Cindy has caught the movie? Would she be shaking her head throughout and having the urge to stand upon the crowd to correct the not-so-correct-information? :PpP

But it's just a little on UTU, it's more on patriotism and the US navy! I was mad touched when i see the retired soldiers in battle again and their courages and everything! Omg! I actually have to want to marry a soldier after the movie! Lol! I usually dont have such deep emotions after movie but Battleship really leaves deep impression in me and set me thinking! I think I have no problem writing a movie review on this. Hahahahaha! #Iisageek

Anyways, I always think that a boy can never be a man without going through the army stage. Dont you agree? So I'm very looking forward to send my brother to NS! Lol! Just my opinion though. :P

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