Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The final lap

Today's not just the last day of this super horrible semester for me, but I also cleared a module! :D That calls for a celebration and so I just spent like water on G-market.. again. =.= Seriously, G-market should give me some loyalty card or something. Oh, by the way, I have 22 Polaroid films at home now. 

 So I was thinking uni life really flies! Oh wells, not that I've just realized. :/ 
The thing is I think I'm so gonna miss the schooling days when I eventually graduates! :( The irony is I think uni is definitely the toughest stage of my entire education life! Yes it is! So screw whoever that said uni life is damn slack and easy! MY FOOT!, ya back to the point, the irony is it is the toughest yet the one that I enjoyed the most of all. Because I really enjoy learning about every single thing that I'm being taught. I feel inspired to the point that I wish I could just study forever. I don't mind being student for an occupation actually. Yes, I'm a nerd like this and I freaking like it. :) 

I feel bliss to be in NUS.
I feel bliss to be studying Life Science.
I feel bliss to be doing Biomedical.
I feel bliss to have a group of passionate lecturers guiding me.
I feel bliss to know every souls that I met in NUS. 

If only I'm smarter, I'll do a phD.
 If only I'm smarter, I'll apply to Duke-NUS. 

LOL! I'm just joking! 
Saying this because I feel inspired by my lecturer today! HAHAHA! :PpP

One day, I wanna be an inspiration teacher too. But right now, I just long to be a student still. :)

Ok, I still couldn't decide which color to get for that dress in G-market. 

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