Saturday, April 14, 2012

Black Friday

I'm not a Friday the 13th person, but when you need to put blame on something, then oh wells.

1. Woke up in tears because I had a horrible nightmare. :( This is weird because I'm those kind who usually dream without knowing that I dreamed. Understand not? Haha! Ya, but that dream was so real that it is still haunting me. :/

2. Super-duper typo night when I spelled 'Beast' as 'Breast' 'fiction' as 'friction' openly on twitter. Breast?! What's wrong with me? :/ CAN I FIND A HOLE AND BURY MYSELF IN? :/ Oh wells, at least I entertained my 90 followers right? #alwayslookatthebrightsideoflife

Alrights, I'm done here. Mug mug mug mug! Bye! ^^

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