Monday, April 16, 2012

Pumpkin love

After a good almost 3 months...

DAMN FULL PLEASE! BUT DAMN SHIOK!! :D 👍 (Taken with instagram)

I finally had pumpkin rice! 


3 bowls to daddy and brother,
2 bowls to mummy,
5 bowls to me. 

#thatawkwardmoment when someone ask you to eat more because you're plain skinny but you're already feeding like a black hole. 


Anyways we even planted some pumpkin seed in our 'garden'! haha! 

Yay to unlimited pumpkin! ^^

Taken with instagram

Morning routine.

Before New Year I was 42kg. I blame the hectic March. :/ 

Alright, I should head to bed now. Time check: 2.41am. 

Staying up is bad bad bad~ But I'm used to it now. :(

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