Monday, May 14, 2012

Hong Kong Day 3,4 & 5: Ocean Park, Mongkok, Lantau Island Citygate, Sham Shui Po, Causeway bay

Day 3

Photos every morning. :P

Paula brought us to her favourite breakfast venue. 

Congee (Taken with instagram)Chee cheong fun!! 👍 (Taken with instagram)

Good congee and chee cheong fun. 
I actually prefer this type of plain chee cheong fun with sweet sauce compared to those with fillings. 

Satisfied stomach and off we go! 

Ocean Park!

安安likes carrots!:D (Taken with instagram)Taken with instagram
Up in the sky. (Taken with instagram)

Personally thinks that the place was kinda boring. :/
 But it did have some nice scenery plus pandas! :)

Can't escape 4pm syndrome. 

So glad to finally leave that horrible place. Headed back to hotel first before heading out for dinner. 

Decided to have street food at Mongkok for dinner. 

I'm in love with the cold noodle and sticky tofu!! I don't even find it stinky at all! haha!


Mongkok is my heaven, I'm sucked in everywhere. 


Day 4

Camwhore. :P

Australia Milk Company

At Australia milk company for breakfast! Damn shiok the 炖奶! (Taken with instagram)Super nice! #food  (Taken with instagram)

Steamed milk with sandwiches. Best breakfast combo!

Can eat everyday! :D (Taken with instagram)

I really really like steamed milk!! Give me give me now~ :'(

Taken with instagram

Off we go to Lantau Island, on running man journey! (Y)

Crystal cable car! We are floating yo~

Hongkong is so pretty!!!  (Taken with instagram)

Hongkong you are so beautiful. 

Lantau Island, the great Buddha!

We conquer the crazy flights of stairs! :')

Great Buddha. 

Super hot day! 

Running man quest. 

They were here too! 

Hello, 4pm syndrome. 

Best for the killing weather! 

Finally we are stepping into air-con! 

Eat again. 
Shopping is very tiring you know? :D

Headed back to Mongkok for a late dinner. 

Day 5

Aren't you use to a photo of us every morning? Haha!

Because we miss their Baked Char Siew Bun, so Tim Ho Wan here we come again! 

Walked around Sham Shui Po and Mongkok again, sucked in everywhere. LOL!

4pm syndrome. 

Another steamed milk place! <3 

Went back to hotel to rest a bit before heading to Causeway Bay

Satay King for dinner!

Super long queue! So camwhore while we waited patiently for food. :P
XO seafood rice #food  (Taken with instagram)Baked rice w cream cheese #food  (Taken with instagram)White curry pork chop. This is damn good! #food  (Taken with instagram)
Kimchi rice cake #food  (Taken with instagram)Deep fried tofu #food  (Taken with instagram)Baked cheese dumplings #food  (Taken with instagram)
Deep fried prawn rolls #food  (Taken with instagram)#food  (Taken with instagram)

After the food were served, we finally know why the waiting was so long. The food was so yums!! One of the best meal in Hongkong totally! Worth the wait I would say. :) We actually came to Causeway Bay with the intention to shop but by the time we were done with dinner all the shops have closed. LOL. 

We really is 买东西,吃东西,买东西,吃东西 everyday! :D

Click older post for my post on day 1&2! :)


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