Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hongkong Day 6&7: Disneyland

Day 6

Yes we are heading to Disneyland today!!! :D Happy and sad day for me though. Happy that it's Disneyland! But sad that we would be leaving Hongkong soon. :(

Anyways, we agreed to wear Disney-themed outfits for the day! :D

#food #breakfast (Taken with instagram)

Last meal on mainland Hongkong, chee cheong fun! :D

Yay! We are otw to disneyland! ^^ (Taken with instagram)On Disneyland train! (Y) (Taken with instagram)

The super cute mickey train! 

Came to check in at our Hotel first.

So pretty isn't it? Totally a fantasy land!

First princess and also my favourite princess met at the hall!

Even the shuttle buses are so cute!!

Disneyland here we are! :D



Planning our route.

Off we go! :D

Omg. Too pretty. 

Welcome to my home.

First stop: Adventureland 

Visiting Tarzen's place! ^^

Probably the only place where you can 'act cute' without being judged. :P

Toy Story Land


Love this park the most! #bias

3.30pm, Disney parade!


4pm syndrome! ^^ (Taken with instagram)

Break for lunch! :)

Yummy hotdog! (Taken with instagram)Taken with instagram

Super yums hotdog!

Omg! All so cute!

Firework at 8pm.

Spammed at the gift shops before heading back to hotel. :P

Our pretty room~

Finished exploring and went down to the hotel gift shop to spam more items.
lol! I bought like 5 keychains alone without thinking that it's $10+ each. :/ Cuteness overpowered my mind! :P

Supper! ^^ (Taken with instagram)Taken with instagram

Dinner cum Supper.

Day 7

We bought a 2 days pass, so Disneyland here we come again! :D

The day's aim was just to spam more photos and collect more stickers! ^^

Time passed too quick. :'(

My polaroid and sticker collections! :D

Heading back home.

Shld have bought more! :( #food  (Taken with instagram)

My dinner cum supper. Should have bought more! Sooooo nice!

Did it occur to you that there wasn't any 4pm syndrome in Disneyland? Duh, it's Disneyland! :D

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