Wednesday, May 16, 2012

NIHON MURA Kaiten Sushi

My brother was having a sushi-craving today so the sister slave who is me, decided to be an angel and satisfy his craving. I know right! So much for wanting to detox after my trip from Hong Kong. =.= 

So anyways, we had a hard time deciding between NIHON MURA Kaiten Sushi better known as Suki Sushi or to go for Sakae Sushi. Because Nihon Mura has freaking raised their price and is now $30/pax! Day light robbery right! While Sakae Sushi is still the same price, so it's like Nihon Mura would be twice the amount of Sakae. #wearepoorandbrokestudents 

But anyways, we still decided to be 'robbed' in the end. LOL! Our logic is since we are going to feast, just go for the best isn't it? No wonder my back a/c is depleting like mad. hahaha! 

Suki buffet! ^^ (Taken with instagram)

Headed to the outlet at Hougang Plaza with bro after I got back from my lab. Anyways, this is also the first time bro and I went for a buffet alone. I was like 'Boy, why we so no life and alone? Go and get a girlfriend leh!' 
hahaha! It's ok, we had a good chat together though. Brother impressed me with his knowledge on engineering while I also tried to bombard him with my scientific terms! LOL! Joking please! We are not so greek greek! But it was indeed a great htht session with the brother! I love it that we are so close since young and there is no barrier between us at all! :) Oh and we purposely facetime my mom to show her our table of food and she was like '你们真厉害,没有叫我?!' HAHAHA! 

Favourite!!:D  (Taken with instagram)

The main main reason to head for Nihon Mura. No price guessing how many of them I dumped into my black hole. :P

Taken with instagramTaken with instagram
Just eat! #food #sushi #sashimi (Taken with instagram)#japanese #food  (Taken with instagram)
#food #tempura  (Taken with instagram)Tempt u more!:P #food #tempura #japanese #temptation  (Taken with instagram)
#dessert #icecream (Taken with instagram)#dessert ^^ (Taken with instagram)

The 2 of us ate like 53 plates in total. #crazyslibings. 
But actually I think I'm only 80% full when I left the place. :XxX Mummy always says with my elephant appetite I'm sure to be #foreveralone :( :( :( 
Anyways, I think I kept ordering until the waiter decided to just camp himself near our table. 

Buffet Queen: Where's my king?! :P

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