Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thai-style dinner

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Bro: Jie, your culinary skill has leveled up! 

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Because we had 2 huge ass pineapples at home so I decided to challenge myself with one of my favourite Thai dish, pineapple rice! :D

And Tom yum soup. ^^ (Taken with instagram)

Since we are doing Thai tonight, how can we not have Tomyum Soup? 

Pineapple rice for dinner! :D  (Taken with instagram)

No recipe sorry, I simply make it like a normal fried rice except with pineapples and of course pineapple rice paste! :) 

Super super super overcooked tonight. SO SO SO SO FULL! :XxX

Ok, that's dinner. :)

Anyways, today I'm suppose to be at USS with Juyin, Paula and her cool Mom. But... Juyin's not feeling well :( I guess I have no fate with USS? Always planned to go but always ended up not going. :/ So I strongly believe this is god's will that I should only go USS with you.

Since I've already taken my 'leave' from lab, I shall just take it and give myself a break then! :) Anyways, the brother also got cancelled by his friends, so the forever-alone-siblings got to spend their day together again.

Taken with instagramHello I miss u so much!!! :’)  (Taken with instagram)

I miss Jollibean so so so so much! :')

Ok, so this is how I spent my day! :) Actually I enjoy locking myself at home, so please lock me at home and keep me away from lab thank you!!! 

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