Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lab lab lab

FYP. :/ (Taken with instagram)

Started lab since last week and these are the techniques I need to master before I head off for my attachment end of June. Anyways this post probably gonna bored many of you. :P Alright, but still gonna blog it for my own memories to safe keep. :)

So despite being in the lab these few days just to pick up the skills, I'm already like half dead. Lab is draining, very. :( But it's cool to like really experience what a lab life is like because it's really different from what I experienced during lab sessions. Now I don't even call those lab sessions 'lab work' at all. LOL! Although I have totally pushed research off my future career path, I still find it quite interesting and it feels like Narnia whenever I discovers something eh, interesting?

A little background on my lab, it focuses mainly on discovering drugs to target on signaling pathways that are up-regulated in tumorgenesis.  In short, we work on cancer cells. So wherever in the lab you see signs like this:

Honestly I actually don't feel intimated, I think it's gonna cool. LOL! It's the kind of feeling when you see something new and extraordinary, I guess?

Have also been seeing many regents and etc. that I've only read it on the notes! LIKE A COOL~ lol! I'm a nerd I know I know! :P Oh and there's this cold room  in our lab too, which I think it should be called 'freezing room' instead. Because it's freaking freezing point inside and we have to conduct some special experiments in it. I almost died inside, especially when I went in and out like 10 times just today. SO COLD!

Anyways, today we did western blotting (chiminology) and it took a freaking 8 long hours to do just part 1 of the protocol. I imagine the number of western blot I have to do for my project. :'( #candiewilldiedefinitelydie

I miss you a lot. :D #food  (Taken with instagram)Soup! ^^ #food  (Taken with instagram)

If only my fyp is in the kitchen not lab! :(  (Taken with instagram)#food #seafood #soup  (Taken with instagram)

Despite reaching home really late and tired, I still insist I want to cook! :D If only my FYP is in the kitchen not the lab, I'll be the happiest girl on Earth. :')

I love nong shim ramen! :D  (Taken with instagram)

Because NTUC was having a sale for Nong Shim Ramen and so I bought 3 and ate them in one go. I'm going bald. :/ 

#bubbletea (Taken with instagram)

I only take ice-blended bubble tea, never a fan of the milk tea bubble tea itself.

Ok, I'll try not to blog too much on my lab life in case I bored you away. hahaha! 

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