Friday, May 25, 2012

My bro has graduated!

Left or right? :/  (Taken with instagram)

Love this versatile dress! But couldn't decide to wear it which way though.
#firstworldproblem Haha!
So decided to wear it side for bro's graduation and front to meet the friends.
Problem settled. :D 

Anyways, I'm not the focus of this post, it's my brother! My little brother has graduated!!!
OMG~ Mad touched.

Forced him to take more photos today, like come on it's his big day ya? ^^

Had to drive him to school at 1230 because he needs to report by 1pm while being the guest, I only have to be there at 3pm. This starts the #foreveralone time for me till the parents arrive too. :'(

Bro’s graduation! :’) (Taken with instagram)

Oh wells, forgive him since it's his big day! I'm so sister slave! Haha! But I was really in a super awkward position, decided to hide to the refreshment area then. :P

In the hall! :)

Love this photo of my Mom! <3

Do we look alike? :D

Rare photo of my bro really SMILING! OMG! Can strike lottery! 

Seriously, I hasn't seen my brother really smiling for the camera in a long long time. :')


I think life is really amazing, the course that my bro was enrolled in was never his 1st choice, neither is NYP. But the irony is, he is doing so well in it! He found his passion, he found his love for studies, he has a goal and being a sis I'm really proud of you boy. Jie can feel that you really have matured though your 3years of polytechnic life and couldn't be more happy than this. :)

Life is amazing as such, this constantly remains me never to make any conclusion or be dismayed too early. Don't be afraid to give new thing a try because you'll never know what you'll achieve and gain out of it! :)

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